Quanta-Organic Pain & Muscle Rub

Quanta-Organic Pain & Muscle Rub

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Product Description



What is Quanta CBD Muscle Rub used for?

Quanta CBD Muscle Rub is a hemp derived topical (no THC) that can be used to alleviate many types of pain: arthritis*, muscle/joint pain*, fibromyalgia*, sprains*, chronic back pain*, neuropathy*, carpal tunnel pain*, sports recovery*, post-surgery pain* and discomfort, and more. Quanta CBD Muscle Rub treats pain locally by interrupting pain signalling. It does not enter the bloodstream in order to provide relief from pain.


What makes Quanta CBD Muscle Rub different from other CBD topicals?

Quanta is a local LA based biotech company that uses a unique, patented technology that adds 30% more bio-energy to the CBD molecule, pushing it to your receptors faster with longer lasting results. We source the highest quality pain-fighting, anti-inflammatory ingredients including Arnica and Turmeric for maximum relief. Our product is organic, free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, dyes and sulfates.


Directions for use

Quanta CBD Muscle Rub is very concentrated and emollient, which means you don’t need a lot. Apply a small amount, enough to cover the affected area where pain relief or reduced inflammation is desired and rub in well.


Individual results may vary.

Always consult with your doctor before starting any treatment.