Purely Medicinal 200mg CBD Phoenix Tears Oil (3ml oral syringe – 200mg)

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  • 200mg CBD
  • 0.1-1% THC
  • 3ml syringe
  • Lot Number and Best Before Date on Package


Phoenix Tears are a potent concentrate made from cannabis.  Purely Medicinal’s Phoenix Tears are blended with MCT oil and are offered in either a 1ml or 3ml oral syringe.  They produce THC, CBD, and Halley’s Comet Tears.  Phoenix Tears can be used in a number of ways: ingested directly, mixed with any high fat food, added as an ingredient for food preparation, orapplied topically.






Product Description

  • Phoenix Tears are edible and in some cases can be used as a topical; provided it is not applied to an open wound.
  • Purely Medicinal DOES NOT recommend that their products be used internally/rectally.
  • Products should be used in manner for which they were intended.
  • Bioavailability is high but the liver must process it.  Onset can take anywhere from 15 minutes up to 2+hrs depending on the individuals metabolism, food present in the system and hydration.
  • Tears are available in 1ml or 3ml applicators.


3 Advantages of the 3ml:

  • Easier to read the indicator lines and dose oneself.
  • Arthritis Patients find it easier to perform the plunging motion of the syringe.
  • The taste is less intense.
  • Purely Medicinal produces three types of tears: THC (200mg or 500mg), CBD and Halley’s Comet (1:1)
  • MCT Oil is used as a base in all their tears.
  • MCT Oil can be runny; tears can be stored in the freezer to slow them down a little.  MCT Oil will never freeze solid.
  • Tears should always be dosed onto food or a spoon and never taken directly from the applicator into the mouth.  ** It is too easy to over medicate by accident. **
  • Tears can be added to food, provided the preparation does not exceed 350° F or 176° C.
    • Never microwave as they can create uneven heating surfaces and can destroy the active cannabinoids.
  • Tears are an acquired taste due to their bitter and peppery flavour; the peppery flavour is a natural characteristic of the cannabinoids while the chlorophyll contributes to its bitter flavor.
    • Patients can buy empty capsules and fill them to avoid the taste.
  • Tears are not strain specific.  Purely Medicinal use a proprietary blend and most of the terpenes are blown off in the extraction process.
  • Colour & consistency can vary batch to batch due to the raw material.
    • Final product is diluted down to achieve our standard, causing slight color variances.
  • Effects can take up to two hours; do not take more during this time until you know how you will be affected.
  • Patients may feel they initially require or can tolerate a lot. If the patient feels the need to take more, recommend resetting their tolerance by lowering the dosage for a few days and then starting again the initial dosage.


The general rule: go low and go slow.  Less is more.  Always use the smallest amount possible that will still give relief.