PLATINUM DELIGHTS #4 (*limited stock) (3.5G+ and up)

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Strain Highlights




Genetics: Platinum Girl Scout Cookies X BluePower

Genotype Sativa (60% Sativa, 40% Indica)

Flowering Type Photoperiod Flowering

Time 8-9 weeks

Yield: Med-High


The "Platinum Delights" is a colorful and flavorful hybrid variety that leans slightly towards the Sativa side and was brought forth by the American based Sin City Seed company. This well-rounded Sativa dominant hybrid is a combination of the West coast bred, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and their very own superstar, BluePower. She most commonly produces medium sized plants that grow very vigorously and explode full of large, plump and rather pungent flowers that are ripe and ready for harvest in only 8-9 weeks indoors and by the beginning of October outdoors. Her well above average sized yields of beautiful buds will most likely need a bit of support throughout the later half of the flowering cycle as their excessive weight will most likely bend or even break her branches if not held up properly.


The "Platinum Delights" have a rather complex flavor and aroma that is mostly dominated by the classic Girl Scout funk that so many have come to adore over the recent years, but it's also twisted up a bit thanks to the sweet and fruity palette of her BluePower parent.


Therefore giving her a nice and enjoyable full-bodied smoke that is soon followed by a nearly balanced hybrid high that quickly sends a spacey buzz right up to your dome before eventually being teamed up with a relaxing and euphoric body stone that helps to extend her already long list of amazing medicinal benefits.


Effects: Happy, Uephoric, Energetic, Uplifted, Giggly, Relaxed

Medicinal Effects: Depression, Fatigue, Stress, Nausea, Appetite   

THC: 29.8% 

CBD: 5.7%