Organic Raspberry Diesel (Organic GreenHouse/BC Grower) 3.5/g+ and up

Organic Raspberry Diesel (Organic GreenHouse/BC Grower) 3.5/g+ and up

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Organic Raspberry Diesel (Organic GreenHouse/BC Grower) 3.5/g+ and up


Rapid and vigorous vegetative growth makes for quick transitions into the flowering periods. Thinner fan leaves and long spacing between node sites allow for deeper light penetration into the canopy stimulating secondary growth. Trellising is recommended to support long spiraling bud sites, which display rock-hard raspberry-shaped nugs in later stages. Flowering sites begin to show signs of crowning in about the 5th week and fully mature in about 63-68 days. Red and purple hues appear more commonly in the 7th week as they start to resemble the raspberry-like structure. A high resin count makes for excellent concentrate and not much substance is lost during the drying stages. Manicuring of the Raspberry Diesel strain can be quite simple but be sure to save all the trim as it maintains a high value for re-use at the end.

Sweet and sour flavor


The Raspberry Diesel strain's flavor profile is a mix of sweet and sour. Sweet berry overtones finish with strong petrol-filled undertones which transfer directly back to the pallet. Exquisitely smooth, the flavor is allowed to express itself quite easily. Effects are very functional for daytime use and have been found to be energizing. Great for creative activity and finishes with a relaxing body high, Raspberry Diesel is a fantastic alternative to our very Indica heavy line-up.



Raspberry Diesel Cannabis Strain



Raspberry Diesel cannabis strain is a 65/35 Sativa dominant hybrid by Humboldt Seeds. It has that iconic raspberry flavour with sour undertones to balance out the sweetness. Nugs are oversized and resinous. Sweet toothed Sativa lovers won't be able to resist. Suitable for daytime usage.


Type of High


Raspberry Diesel cannabis strain's high brings mostly Sativa effects which will uplift you into a euphoric state of mind which will still leave you functional and active with motivated aspects, finishing with relaxation.




Breeder: Humboldt Seeds
Genetics: Raspberry Diesel cannabis strain is a cross between Sour Diesel #2 and Sweet


Cherry Afghan cannabis strains.


Indica / Sativa Ratio


  • Sativa Dominant Hybrid (65% Sativa / 35% Indica)


Average THC / CBD Level


  • 19.00-24.00% THC


  • 2.46% CBD


  • 1.87% CBN


Grow Information


  • Flowering time:

    63-68 DAYS

  • Yield:

    3.45 OZ / FT 2
  • Height:

    70 INCHES

  • Difficulty: