Organic Duct Tape (Organic GreenHouse/BC Grower) 3.5/g+ and up

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Organic Duct Tape (Organic GreenHouse/BC Grower) 3.5/g+ and up


Created by Archive Seed Bank, Duct Tape is a cross between Original Glue (GG#4) and Do-Si-Dos. The result has even more frost, flavor, and potency than its trichome-drenched parents. With the gassy, piney, and chocolate aromas of Original Glue (GG#4) and the incense and hash notes of Do-Si-Dos, Duct Tape has a big flavor and smell. The high produces full body and mind effects, making this a perfect strain for anyone seeking relaxation.


Duct Tape is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by the masters at Archive Seed Bank. This strain is known for its fuel, chocolate and pine aroma. The taste matches and is also very strong. The plant is very frosty, tasty and powerful. It exhibits buds that are covered in shiny white trichome crystals. Duct Tape strain is recommended for evening and nighttime use.


Duct Tape originates from a phenotype bred by Archive Seed Bank. With the parents of GG#4 and Dosidos, this flower is sure to deliver a substantially relaxing and blissful high. The harvested bud retains an excellence of the strain’s flavor profiles, terpene caliber, appearance, and consistency. This run of Duct Tape has a pungent, sour yet earthy aroma and a hearty, flavorful taste. Upon the first glance, you’ll notice these nugs have emerald and light green leaves sprinkled with deep blues and orange hairs. These chunky, resin covered flowers deliver a heavy-handed wave of relaxation and euphoria. The uplifting effects are followed up with a dreamy and sleepy state.


Type of High

Duct Tape cannabis strain gives a strong cerebral and body high. It starts with an euphoric boost that is uplifting and energizing. You are happy and very creative. At the same time, the body is very relaxed and calm.



Breeder: Archive Seed Bank. Strain Lineage: Duct Tape cannabis strain comes from a cross between Original Glue and Do-Si-Dos strains.


Average THC / CBD Level


THC Content - 26.3% Highest Test


Average Sativa..................13.5%


Duct Tape Highest Test..........................26.3%


Duct Tape Average..................................23.8%


Common Usage



Loss of Appetite










  • Sleepy 
  • Uplifted 
  • Happy 
  • Relaxed 
  • Euphoric