YUMM - Gummies 500mg THC

YUMM - Gummies 500mg THC


Yumm edibles are individually handcrafted, only using the highest quality of THC distillates for a full spectrum delivery of THC and great flavours.


10 pieces per pack; 50mg per piece @ 500mg a pack!


Available in SATIVA and INDICA


Please keep away from CHILDREN and PET. Store in cool places.


500mg THC X PER package (10 pieces per pack @ 50mg each


Yummi Gummi Mix (Indica),

Peach Loops (Indica),

Sour Cola Bottles (Indica),

Blue Raspberry Drops (Indica),

Yummi Gummi Bears (Sativa),

Watermelon Slush (Sativa),

Krazy Sour Keys (Sativa)


Beginners please start with one piece and wait 30-45 minutes until you start to feel effects. Edibles are not instant and eating too many can defenitely give you a stomache ache as well as fatigue.