"NEW AMAZING BATCH  *Authentic Jamaican Gum"

"NEW AMAZING BATCH *Authentic Jamaican Gum"


*NEW* Jamaican Gum


This is 100% The REAL DEAL....Dark, Soft, Gummy and Resinous...


Our Authentic Jamaican (Gum) Hash is produced naturally with no solvents. It's said natives will run through Cannabis Fields and have over 1-2/Ounces of (Gum) Hash stuck all over their bodies, hands and face.


This is 100% Imported Authentic Very pure and potent Gum/Hash with a nice Exotic Sweet, Lemon Taste and Fruity/Aromatic Smell. 

Due to its consistency, Hash is often referred to as 'Gum' in Jamaica.

Jamaican Gum Hash is absoletly a pure and natural way to smoke hash/gum concentrate.

Our Imported and Authentic Jamaican (Gum) Hash is made by truely pationate Jamaican Farmers & growers and due to their techniques of extraction/collection of the resin this 100% ensures our gum/hash doesn’t use any type of solvents for creation. When it is cracked open there is a nice tint of gold and redish hue's and has a dark black sheen on the outside. Hash/Gum is always a nice smooth & alternative way to smoke.