Authentic (Imported) Jamaican Spice/Sess (AAA+)

Authentic (Imported) Jamaican Spice/Sess (AAA+)

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Strain Information


100% Authentic (Imported) Jamaican Spice/Sess (AAA+)


Grown in Jamaica, this strain represents a robust Sativa that has become very popular for over 25+ Years.


As the name suggests there is a definitive hint of spiciness here that enhances the overall experience.


With some fruity notes as well as floral ones, Jamaican Spice/Sess provides a fully body energizing high that is hard to beat.


In the end, you may drift off into a blissful couch lock. And finally, an amazing sleep.


THC: 13% - 21%, CBD: 10%


Jamaican is a 100% pure sativa landrace strain native to the country of Jamaica. This bud is a breeder favorite thanks to its classic cerebral effects, high 13-21% average THC level, and delicious traditional flavor. Although the exact effects and potency of Jamaican depend on breeder practices and where it is grown, this strain typically maintains a bright and energetic high overall that’s perfect for a wake-and-bake or an afternoon pick me up. You’ll feel energized and motivated with a sense of focus and purpose not long after you smoke. These feelings are accompanied by an overarching sense of euphoria that leaves you unbelievable happy for hours and hours on end. These cerebral effects can amplify anxiety or paranoia at times, so be sure to use Jamaican with caution if you’re prone to either these vibrant effects make Jamaican the perfect bud for any sativa lover suffering from chronic anxiety or stress, depression, nausea, and chronic fatigue. Jamaican typically has a sweet and spicy herbal flavor with hints of rich skunk on each exhale. The smell is usually very sweet and pungent with spicy skunky undertones that can fill a room with their stench. Jamaican buds have piecey large minty green nugs with bright orange hairs and a coating of gorgeous amber crystal trichomes.


Sativa Dominant


THC: 19.6 % | CBD: 7.9 % | CBN: 9.4 %


Jamaican refers to the indigenous varieties of cannabis (or landraces) that grow natively in this region of the world. Because of Jamaica's latitude and climate, these varieties tend to be sativa in structure and effect. Spice/Sess is a strain created through a cross of the insanely delicious Hawaiian Sativa X Hawaiian Indica strains. Much like its name suggests, this bud has a mouthwatering spiciness to it that is pleasantly enhanced by a fragrant floral sweetness. The smell is said to be like walking through a fruit orchard, with hints of citrus and sweet fruitiness as well as a sharp spicy earth. Spice buds have medium-sized cone-shaped super airy forest green nugs that are completely covered in dark olive green leaves, thick furry amber hairs, and a frosty layer of chunky crystal white trichomes. 


Positive Effects - Body High, Energizing Relieve


Symptoms - Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Nightmares


Flavors - Fruity, Spicy, Sweet


Aromas - Fragrant, Fruity, Spicy, Sweet



Creative, Energizing,Euphoria, Happy,Uplifting


May Relieve 

Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Headaches, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Nausea, PTSD, Stress



Fruity, Spicy, Sweet ,Candy, Citrus, Dank, Skunky